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For measuring the brachial circumference of children aged 6 months to 5 years..

MUAC tape-mid upper arm circumference


MUAC (mid upper arm circumference) tapes are predominately used to measure the upper arm circumference of children but also that of pregnant women, helping identify malnutrition. MUAC is used for the assessment of nutritional status. It is a good predictor of mortality and in many studies, MUAC predicted mortality in children better than any other anthropometric indicator.The major advantages of MUAC tapes are.

  • Easy to perform the test even in the most deliberated individual
  • Easily trainable to health workers and community-based volunteers.
  • Suitable for screening admissions to feeding programs during emergencies.

New standard MUAC tape (S0145620 MUAC, Child 11.5 Red/PAC-50) is now available from Ibis, which adheres to the latest WHO standards . Ibis Medical MUAC Tapes are made with Non tearable and washable material . Packed 500 Pieces /Box. Customisation with logo printing is possible on bulk quantity.

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Colour Code As Per WHO Growth Standards

Colour Measurement
RED 0.00 - 11.5 cm
YELLOW 11.5 - 12.5 cm
Green 12.5 - 26 .5 cm

Technical Specifications

Material - Non tearable foldable PVC
Measurement - cm
Graduations - 1mm
Measuring Range - upto 26.5cm
Qty - 25 Pcs/Box



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