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led phototherapy for neonatal jaundice


LED Phototherapy


High Performance, premium LED Phototherapy,for treatment of newborn jaundice

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I REX 30

LED Phototherapy Unit

I REX 30 provides all the benefits of High Bright Blue LED technology in a compact and affordable design. In this compact, sleek design, lies a sophisticated and powerful Phototherapy unit capable of treating very severe cases of hyperbilirubinemia. I REX 30 uses specially designed Hi Bright blue LEDs, which emit light in 450-470 nm spectrum with peak absorption at 458 nm.

LED Phototherapy solutions – I REX 30 Phototherapy unit

New born infants are especially at high risk of developing hyperbilirubinemia. It is especially more acute in preborn babies. LED Phototherapy is the clinically proven & technically superior method of treating jaundice in infants. I REX 30 brings the high efficiency of well calibrated LED Phototherapy Unit for treating jaundice in newborns. This specially designed budget mode, is designed to operate within the AAP parameters** of treating severe cases of jaundice in neonates, optimally and economically.

By ensuring strict adherence to clinical guidelines, I REX 30 ensures faster treatment through uniform light distribution and optimal wavelength and irradiance strength.

One of the key features of I REX 30 is that it is fitted with 24 specially calibrated Blue LED lamps. The intensity can be controlled through a microprocessor controlled electronic.

Attending caretakers’ needs are also taken care with the provision of three white LED lamps for observation. This helps reduce the strain on the eyes while attending to the patients.

Operating I Rex 30 is an ease, with its simple user friendly mechanisms. It is compact and can be used in a variety of places. Its ergonomic Y shaped wheel base slips easily under most warmers or bassinets.

Being LED based, there are no unwanted wavelengths such as Ultraviolet and infra red rays, which helps in avoiding skin rashes and weight loss – something that is common in conventional phototherapy.

Product Features

* Assuming commercial rate of Rs. 7/- per electricity unit (kWh)

** American Academy of Pediatrics: Management of Hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants 35 or more weeks of gestation. Pediatrics 2004: 297-316

Superior Performance

led phototherapy unit manufacturers
led phototherapy unit
LED Phototherapy Manufacturers for Neonatal Jaundice


430-490 nm

Should be greater than 30μ W/ cm2 per nm

Light should cover Maximum surface area


450-470 nm

35μ W/ cm2 per nm

50 x 30 cms

Technical Specification

Performance Specification

light sourse - High Bright blue LED
Wavelength - 450-470 nm
Spectral Irradiance - 15 -70μ W/ cm2 nm (at 30 cm height)
Effective Surface Area - 50 x 30 cm
24 Blue LED lamps for treatment
3 White LED lamps for observation
LED user control for controlling the intensity and for monitoring the patient treatment time.

Electrical Specification

Electric Supply - 229-240V, 50/60 Hz
Max Rating - 3A, 220-240W, 50/60 Hz
Fuse - 2A, 220-240W, 50/60 Hz

Physical Specification

Light Unit - 35.5 x 26 x 9 cms
Height - 110 – 170 cms
Clearance of base - 7.5 cms
Light unit tilt adjustment - +/- 180⁰

Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature - 15⁰ C to 40⁰C
Humidity - 0% to 95% non condensing
High Temperature Cutoff - 85⁰C



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